H.E. Khalid Humaidan

Chief Executive, Bahrain Economic Development Board

Since its establishment in 2001, the Economic Development Board (EDB) has worked toward enhancing the Kingdom of Bahrain’s competitiveness by helping to create an investment-friendly environment that foster and encourage local investment and attract foreign direct investment.

This effort has achieved many successes resulting in improvements in Bahrain’s rankings in several international indicators and increasing foreign direct investment. EDB continues its contribution to improving the attractive of the Kingdom's business environment, strengthening the role of the private sector in developing and expanding the economy, energising the economy and promoting the principles of good improving corporate governance, transparency and promotion and protection of competition.

This second edition of the “Bahrain Business Laws” aims to continue providing easy access to the Kingdom's legal framework to legal practitioners, potential investors and the wider business community. It Includes all of the Kingdom's business related primary legislation issued until January 2019 in both Arabic and English.

This searchable database includes all amendments to the business related laws to ensure that the applicable and most recent version of each law is available to users. The database is provided along with a useful search engine that allows users to search and access all business related laws with ease.

We trust users would find this database useful. In the meantime, we are pleased to disclose that EDB looks forward to developing this version of the database in the future to include not only the most recent business related primary legislation but also all the corresponding secondary legislation.